Marc & Rose Hospitality
Scottsdale, AZ

Marc & Rose Hospitality

7272 E. Indian School Road
Suite 200

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

This role is open to hybrid/remote and/or remote depending upon location.


Essential Functions

•Provide revenue management expertise to general managers, leadership teams, and sales leaders.

•Ensure hotel strategies align with company philosophies and initiatives.

•Forecast room demand for various segments (14-day, 90-day, long range, budget).

•Present annual room revenue budget to corporate office and owners.

•Communicate and adjust sales strategies based on market conditions.

•Conduct sales strategy meetings and analysis to increase market share.

•Collaborate with internal stakeholders to establish group pricing.

•Manage rooms inventory to maximize revenue.

•Coordinate strategies with group sales and reservation center.

•Utilize systems to determine and control selling strategies.

•Maintain accurate PMS, RMS, and CRS information.

•Foster relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

•Prepare and present strategic recommendations.

•Analyze and present monthly reports, market analysis, and trends.

•Assist in developing marketing efforts for both group and transient business.

•Collaborate with cross-functional teams on projects.

•Uphold company's culture and standards.

•Perform other tasks as assigned.


•Education: Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration, Marketing, or Business/Finance preferred.

•Experience: Minimum five (5) years in Revenue Management, resort experience preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities 

•Interpret historical data and apply revenue optimization strategies.

•Utilize mathematical skills for financial interpretation.

•Understand online travel agencies and leverage relationships.

•Communicate diplomatically in challenging situations.

•Collaborate effectively across departments.

•Use Microsoft Office Suite and relevant systems.

•Familiarity with Revenue Management and Central Reservations Systems.

•Make timely decisions for hotel and guest benefit.

Please note that this is a summarized version of the original job description, focusing on the key responsibilities and qualifications to help potential job seekers determine their interest in the position.  

Marc & Rose Hospitality

Management Company

Practicing Genuine Hospitality Since 1962

Marc & Rose is a company of professionals passionate about opening doors for travelers; about cheering, "the more the merrier!" as a party of two becomes twenty; about food first and questions later; about sharing stories around a fire and making friends among strangers. We are owner-operators, which enables us to practice high-touch, genuine hospitality within intentionally crafted and sophisticated spaces. By deploying well-earned generational knowledge, we create places that settle the soul and stoke the spirit. Our hospitality emerges at the intersection of empathy, aesthetics, and atmosphere. It is an instrument of connection and care; a practice.

We are committed to fundamentals and to the evolving rhythm of a genuinely warm welcome. That is why we never stop studying people and places, integrating and honing our skills, training our minds and bodies, and reimagining what’s possible. We keep channels open and hearts attuned. It is because of our decades-long devotion to excellence that we are able to practice skillful improvisation and appropriate restraint. With a passion for hard work and genuine hospitality, we leverage our knowledge and lifelong curiosity to build worlds — containers and catalysts for spontaneous joy.

We know that each of us is the host one day; the next, the traveler. Both roles require a willingness to say, “yes” to life and to each other; to step perceptively into the now. At Marc + Rose, what emerges is as magical as it is earnest: a tradition of warm and sophisticated hospitality. We live to welcome.

Why people like to work here

Marc & Rose is an eclectic collection of iconic resorts and hidden gems — each a tribute to place-based discovery, sensuality, and improvisation. Born of an irreverent spirit and a passion for hard work, the collection makes its home across the American West. It embodies the sounds, smells, and colors of iconic landscapes. This passionate, multigenerational collective breathes new life into familiar places, imagines original spaces into being, and practices the art of welcoming one-time strangers into belonging — whether for the length of a single stay, or over a lifetime of return visits. To this team, hospitality is an essential part of being human and also a calling — a creative pursuit that requires curiosity, care, and grit.